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        Address:8 Maqi Rd., Zhujin Industrial Zone, Longhu, Shantou, China
        Sales call:18029564512
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        Founded in 2005 and based in Shantou, China, Fenghua (Shantou) Printing Material Co. is a foreign-funded enterprise that specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced thermal transfer printing coating and PET transfer foils used in decorative building materials.

        Fenghua is strongly committed to the development of thermal transfer techniques in the decorative building materials industry. With a professional technical team including machinery, fine chemicals, materials, printing, and coating engineers, we attain valuable experience and a selection of core techniques. Applying our expertise in the field, we are suited to meet a variety of our client demands.

        During our continual process of innovation and development, we are the leaders in introducing partial metalizing, printable UV coating, easy-forming three-dimensional transfer, seamless holographic hard embossing, and other independent core technologies. Besides our emphasis on decorative building materials, now our products apply successfully to holographic anti-counterfeit products, durable building materials, cell phone & tablet PCs panels, toys, shoes, home appliances, etc. We sincerely welcome interested parties to contact us and discuss potential business opportunities.

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